Why Cookies? Why decorating? Why you?

Why? Why did you start decorating cookies? or for those of you that are just starting, why do you want to decorate cookies? Establishing your why is a MAJOR part of your destination. The truth is that no one does anything without thinking about it first. There has to be a reason that you get into it. For some, they start decorating because they just need a creative outlet, some know that they want to find something fun that they can do at home, and make money with it, some just want to decorate cookies to gift neighbors, family, and friends.

But in each of these scenario’s there’s a why. They got started for one reason or another. So now it’s time for you to think about your why. Why are you interested in decorating cookies?

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Here’s my story…

I’m home alone, AGAIN! This time with three children. I was a single mom before, but how in the world did this happen again. I’m married now and have three kids, two of them are under two (that’s another story).

I wasn’t actually a single mom, but it felt like it. My husband was the sole provider for our family, and doing so, found himself away from home for two to three weeks on different assignments.

I felt horrible. No one was winning in this situation. I was home alone, almost 90% of the time, and my husband was gone so much that he didn’t get to be there with the kids as they experienced their firsts. It just wasn’ ideal. I had to do something to contribute financially.

Cake Decorating

By this time, I had begun taking cake decorating classes and enjoyed them so much that I wanted to continue taking the classes. But I ran into a problem; I had to wait sometimes months until the next course, and even then, sometimes, the classes were canceled if not enough people enrolled. UGHH!

Then my husbands’ health took a drastic turn for the worse. He had a heart attack. How did this happen! Fear turned to worry and worry turned to frustration at the situation. How were we going to pay our bills, we now had medical bills and no income.

Then it hit me.

The start of it all…

I had a plan. I started an in-home bakery and was finally able to make money and contribute financially by baking and selling decorated cakes. My husband recovered pretty quickly, and we were on our way.

But there was still a problem; I realized the need to build the business from the outside and inside. What I mean is that I spent a lot of time working on building a brand and staying awake at night preparing orders. I got NO sleep some nights!

It was too much. I had no structure. I spent hours trying to google answers and watched hours of YouTube videos that were either nonapplicable or too advanced for my new business. Not to mention that NOTHING I could find was explicitly for a home-based business start-up.

It was around that time that I partnered with a local bakery and was asked to teach cookie decorating. I had been decorating cookies and offering decorated cookies in my business already, so I took over their cookie decorating classes. I rejoiced because I finally found my fit, my passion, and my purpose.

My why led me to my passion and my purpose

After a few years of teaching cookie decorating, I started getting so many questions from my students that were moving on to starting their own home-based business. By this point, I had figured out a way to combine skill-building and business building.

I developed a step by step plan to build your skills, brand, and business that won’t leave you overwhelmed, frustrated, or with no time to do the things that are important to you — your family and your business.

Hi! I’m JoAnn Anthony, founder of JoJo’s Confections, LLC. I created Smart Cookie U and Creative Business Academy, specifically for confectionery artists who want to refine their craft and start an in-home business. I can show you how to make your home-based business work for you!

Are you a cake decorator hoping to add another product line? Are you a stay at home mom looking for a hobby?

Why Cookie Decorating | Why Cookie Decorating? Why did you or do you want to start decorating cookies? Why is it even important? Find out why inside…| https://www.thecakeway.com/why-cookie-decorating

But why should I, what’s In It for Me?

Since you asked, I do have something special for each one of you completes this –>form<– to let me know your why.

It’s a surprise!

And trust me, it isn’t one of those surprises that you unwrap the gift and let it gather dust in the back of your closet type of things. This is the type of gift that you pull out over and over and actually use it – because it’s just that good!

Here’s where you can go to submit your why… And no worries, once you hit submit, fancy footwork is happening in the background and you’ll soon get an email notification about your gift!


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Why Cookie Decorating | Why Cookie Decorating? Why did you or do you want to start decorating cookies? Why is it even important? Find out why inside...| https://www.thecakeway.com/why-cookie-decorating
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