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  • Summer Themed Cookies

    Summer Themed Cookies by The CakeWay

    LIVE: Decorating-Summer Themed Cookies Summer themed cookies add a little fun to your poolside party or family picnic.  Check out my video below to see how easy it is to create these delightful sugar cookies. Decorating Supplies Needed for Summer themed cookies: Want more ideas?  Watch my Other Cookie Decorating Videos: Bee Happy Cookies Football Cookies […]


  • Football Cookies

    Football Cookies by The CakeWay

    LIVE: Decorating Football Cookies Football season brings friends together for the big games. It’s a time for festive appetizers and desserts. These Football Cookies will have your crowds cheering regardless of the score! Follow along as I show you how easy it is to decorate these cookies for your next football party. Like and follow […]


  • Pie Cookies

    Pie Cookies by The CakeWay

    Today’s LIVE is All About Pies! The Colors and Consistencies listed here will not all be used in all the pie cookies. I have a tendency to over-plan so please excuse me here. The main colors and consistencies used are red and beige. With that being said, here are the colors that I made available for […]


  • Bee Cookies

    Bee Cookies by The Cake Way

    LIVE: Decorating Bee Cookies Looking for something fun and tasty for your next special gathering? These busy bees are just the thing to bring smiles to all of your guests. These bumblebees, flowers, and beehives shaped sugar cookies are perfect for a spring party, baby shower or just a fun gift. Watch my video to […]