Learn to decorate pumpkin cookies that are perfect for fall, cool weather, and pumpkins.

Sweater Pumpkin Cookies Decorated

Sweater Pumpkin cookies are such a favorite this time of year because of their combination of fall, cool weather, and pumpkins. As the cool weather arrives and the sweaters begin to emerge from the back of the closets, it’s now that we see the beautiful channel set patterns of these patterns. I remember growing up, the more elaborate the design the more popular the sweater. The sweaters in those days were pretty colorful as well.

The inspiration for this week’s cookie decorating design came from those sweaters. I decided to decorate a pumpkin cookie because it’s just super cool to see different designs on pumpkins, not to mention that these style cookies are just very popular right now.

I’ve embedded the video tutorial here to this post. Have fun decorating, and for more weekly decorating tutorials; join my Facebook group, Smart Cookie U. See you inside!

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Sweater Pumpkin Cookies Decorating Tutorial

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Sweater Pumpkn Cookies Decorated | https://thecakeway.com/sweater-pumpkin-cookies-decorated/ | Video Tutorial
Sweater Pumpkin Cookies Decorated | https://thecakeway.com/sweater-pumpkin-cookies-decorated/ | Video Tutorial

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