So, how many cookies can you decorate in one hour? and did you know that there is a recordset for the number of sugar cookies decorated during that time period? You’ll want to read further; you’ll be surprised to learn who won the Sugar Cookie Decorating World Record and just how they did it.

Sugar Cookie Decorating World Record

And the world’s record goes to… Pillsbury. Yes, the little doughboy made world history by decorating the most sugar cookies in a one hour period.

He enlisted the help of other mallgoers at the Mall of America in 2015 during a Cookie Decorating Party where fans got to decorate cute Christmas themed cookies.

Teamwork at its best!

Collectively the group decorated over 1100 cookies in one hour, which beat the previous world record by more than 500!

When I stop and think of how many cookies I can decorate in one hour, it isn’t even close to making a difference, but together so much can be accomplished.

Congratulations, Pillsbury Doughboy and friends on that momentous accomplishment. And thank you for reminding all of us that together we can do so many great, positive, and wonderful things.

Click here to read the original article and view pictures of the event.

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