A simply beautiful cookie that is versatile enough to be paired with any theme and is easy enough for a beginner cookie decorator to recreate! Learn how to decorate it here…

I am a huge sucker for all things floral. Now with that in mind, I set out to decorate this plaque. Honestly, I had no idea which way I would go with it.

I have embedded a few videos here for you. The first is a sped-up version without audio, because I appreciate turning the volume down and just looking at the pictures (especially if I can’t sleep).

But, if it’s bright and early and you want to hear all of the audio, then tune into the second video. And don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think.

Now, let me ask you a question. Are you new to decorating cookies? I was in your exact position a few years ago. Do you struggle with finding and mixing the perfect royal icing consistencies?

Trust me, I wasted so many cookies (well, I ate them :/) to consistency issues. A few things that I learned over the years was that the wrong consistency will totally mess up a cookie and that the right consistency can make an absolute beginners designs look amazing.

I created a 5 Day Royal Icing Consistency Challenge for that exact reason – to help you make the perfect consistencies every time. Check it out here:

Rose Embellishments Cookie Decorating Tutorial Condensed YouTube Version

Condensed YouTube Video Version

I’ve embedded the video tutorial here to this post so that you can tune in and watch how these cookies are decorated. I decorated these cookies during a LIVE cookie decorating session in my Smart Cookie U Facebook group. Click here to request access and be part of the LIVE while it is happening! See you inside!!

I’ve also designed some freebies for this time of year. If you’re a fan of writing on cookies, whether it be fancy lettering or just adding details to a decorated cookie then you’ll find this guide very helpful – 3 Ways to Write on Cookies.

Lastly, if you’re looking for other Christmas cookie decorating tutorials; click here to visit my cookie decorating resource library with tons of video tutorials to browse through and watch.

Rose Embellishments Cookies Decorating Tutorial – Full Video

Full Version Rose Embellishment Cookie Decorating Video
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