Today’s LIVE is All About Pies!

The Colors and Consistencies listed here will not all be used in all the pie cookies. I have a tendency to over-plan so please excuse me here. The main colors and consistencies used are red and beige. With that being said, here are the colors that I made available for decorating pie cookies today.

But here they are:

Green – Thick Consistency

Brown – Thick and Flood

White – Thick and Flood

Black – Thick

Red – Thick and Flood

Beige – Thick and Flood

These are the Tips I used: Tip 10, 67s, and 81

See the LIVE Video Decorating Pie Cookies!

Pie Cookies by The Cake Way

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Pie Cookies and Pies by The Cake Way

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Bee Cookies by The Cake Way

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