How to Get Perfect Recipe Results

How to Get Perfect Recipe Results by JoJo-The Cake Way

How to Get Perfect Recipe Results

Step By Step Guide to Get PERFECT Recipe Results Everytime


This guide will teach you how to get perfect recipe results. The step by step guide to attaining perfect results every time. Have you ever come across the Perfect recipe! It looks great and other people are raving about how great it tastes.  You finally have the recipe in your hands and you painstakingly place each ingredient into its own cute little bowl (even though it’ll create 900 dishes).

Then it happens, the kids come running into the kitchen, the phone rings, and your husband is talking to you all at once. You mistakenly mix the sugar with the flour instead of creaming the butter with the sugar.

That’s when it happens…

… and the perfect recipe turns out not so perfect for you.


If this has happened to you before, then this guide is meant for you; this step by step guide is perfect for you! These 8 steps will ensure that you get PERFECT Recipe Results every time.

I know I’m quite guilty of glancing through the recipe and assuming that I have everything needed to make it, then realizing… I forgot an ingredient.

Or… You’ve just placed it into the oven to bake but realized that you were supposed to refrigerate it overnight, oops!

These 8 steps will ensure that you get PERFECT Recipe Results every time.

Read the Recipe Carefully

The first step is to Read the Recipe Carefully before starting, making sure to see if there is anything that requires chopping, melting, preparing, refrigerating, before mixing.


Look at the pictures

Look at the pictures! I am a visual person, and can usually get a lot out of a carefully staged picture. Take the time to look at the pictures, if there are any to get a feel for how to do something.


Turn On the Heat

Turn Up the Heat! Or maybe just turn ON the Heat! Preheat your oven if the dish should be baked immediately and make sure that it is maintaining the correct temperature.



Mise En Place

Get Your Ingredients Together or Mise en Place pronounced Mi Zahn Plas. Mise en Place is a French culinary word meaning everything in its place. It is a term often used in a professional kitchen to refer to preparing and arranging items needed for the preparation of the dish. Just as a baker would prepare the kitchen for a rush hour, chopping onions, mushrooms, assembling ingredients, etc.


Collect Your Needed Utensils

Collect Your Needed Utensils.  Gather all necessary bowls, spoons, spatulas, this is a good time to make sure that your mixer actually works, LOL!


Measure Twice Bake Once

Measure Twice Bake Once!!! Following a recipe is not the time to guess about how much of a particular ingredient is needed! I admit, as a creative, I sometimes add a pinch extra of this or just omit that from a recipe, but DO follow the recipe exactly. Sometimes a recipe may be written in weight, and sometimes in volume. For volume written recipes, make sure that you are using a level cup for example if a cup of an ingredient is needed. For weight written recipes, make sure that your food scale is set to the right weight setting and that the scale is zero’ed out before using. I prefer using a food scale for measuring quantities because of its accuracy. It’s pretty easy to add a bit more than one cup of butter, and that simple extra butter can make a big difference in your recipe. However, it’s also pretty easy to measure by weight 287 grams of butter. Can’t really mess that up too much- huh!


Mix Carefully

Mix all ingredients carefully being very careful not to overmix. Overmixing can cause your cakes to become dense and heavy, and that’s just not good!


Prepare as stated in Recipe

Prepare as stated in Recipe. Follow all directions carefully as stated in the recipe. Happy Baking!


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Resource Library Access


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How to Get Perfect Recipe Results