One-On-One Coaching

Are you just beginning your cookie decorating journey? Have you figured out all of the little pieces that you need to make your business a success? Do you just have a question that you need the answer to?

That is where my one-on-one coaching comes in.  I started this journey a few years ago and it was a long process filled with many lessons. Some of which was learned quickly and some that took a while, elbow grease, and good old fashioned trial and error.

Are you looking for a profitable niche in which to establish yourself and make money for your family?

Are you just beginning and needing help establishing a brand and image?

Are you a novice baker and need guidance on how to bake the perfect cookie for decorating?

Need help making royal icing, thinning consistencies, or storing the icing? Whatever you need, I’m available to you during this session.

Coaching calls are $75/hour

Contact below for a One-On-One Coaching Call.

*I don’t consider myself an expert; just a person that loves to teach and help others. Let me help you turn your weaknesses into successes and make your sweet dreams a reality.*

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