How to Reduce a Recipe

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How To Reduce A Recipe

Have you ever wondered How To Reduce A Recipe? I certainly have.  I have baked more than was needed – and was stuck with another layer also.  What do you do with it? My solution was to decorate it and let the kids enjoy it.  But, what if you could bake only what was needed. The kids really don’t need any more sweets right!!

Half-ing a recipe (if that’s even a term) can be done.  Just as Doubling a method can be done.  I’ve prepared a chart of Common Food Equivalents that is the perfect kitchen resource to add to your the inside cover of your recipe book or even the inside of your pantry, or cabinet door.



Use exactly one half of the amount of each ingredient. No brainer on that part right, LOL. If the divided recipe calls for less than an egg, for example, scramble the egg and measure it with a tablespoon.  The following table will be helpful in finding equivalent units of measurements for common food items:

Download your guide today to Reduce a Recipe in half.




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How to Reduce a Recipe | Have you ever wondered How To Reduce A Recipe? |
How to Reduce a Recipe




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