Turn your Hobby into a Business that you can make money from
Are you a creative entrepreneur, turn your hobby into a business that you can make money from.

Like many cookie or cake decorators, you probably dream of turning your hobby into a business that is both exciting and fulfilling.

Maybe you want to do make a little extra money doing that thing that brings you the most joy and use it to maybe pay a bill.

The Possibilities are Endless

You could be thinking, “There is no way that I can actually make good money by decorating cookies or cakes.”

The possibilities are endless and sure to leave you amazed.

Just imagine having that thing that you absolutely love doing – that you’d do it for free. Yes, in many cases, you probably have already gifted your time-perfected craft to others.

If you’re serious about making money with your hobby, here’s one of the most important things that you need to have and consider.

The one thing that you need can be summed up in virtually one word…

The One Thing You Need to Make Money with your Hobby

The one thing that you need can be summed up in virtually one word, VISIBILITY. Now, you may be wondering, what does visibility mean. Visibility is the process of taking the thing that you’re good at doing, or that you’re known for and transforming that into your offer.

Your business crafted from the hobby that brings you the most joy.

What visibility does for you and your business is that it will help you:

  1. Create multiple streams of income with your business
  2. Design your business to overcome challenges
  3. Get more recognition in your community for your craft, hobby, or decorating abilities
  4. Attract customers to you and your brand
  5. Justifiably charge higher prices for your products.

If you’d like to learn how to start, build, and grow your business and finally make money with your cookie decorating hobby then I created a FREE resource with ten actionable steps that you can use right now. Click here to download my FREE Ebook “10 Steps to Start your Home-Based Cookie Decorating Business”.

How to Start Your Business in 10 Simple Steps

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