Transferring images onto cookies can really uplevel your cookie decorating experience.  Have you ever sat down to decorate Halloween cookies and completely drew a blank as to how to make spooky faces.  

If so, then this guide is just for you. Consider it a spooky face guide for all things Halloween, or all things scary.  

Click here to download the guide.

So now that you have the guide downloaded, how do you use it. If you do have this question then here’s where I can help. You see, on a previous blog post entitled 3 Ways to Write on Cookies

I shared how to write fancy letters onto cookies to get premium effects. The truth is that that information applies not only to writing onto cookies but also for transferring images onto cookies. 

If you haven’t checked out that resource, I highly encourage you to do so because it is a game-changer in your cookie decorating career. Here’s the link again to the 3 Ways to Write on Cookies post; and if you’ve got it and are ready to try it out; then here is a FREE Spooky Face Halloween guide for you to try out. 

Are you a part of my FREE FaceBook group for cookie decorators?  If not, then click here to request access to the group.  Within the FREE FaceBook group, there are tons of resources, helpful answers, and a weekly cookie decorating on LIVE where you can tune in, watch, and ask questions. 

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