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Create Sweet Works of Art on a Budget: Learn Cookie Decorating Techniques That Won’t Break the Bank!

Welcome to our all-courses page! Here, you can discover our low-cost cookie decorating classes designed to help you learn to decorate cookies with affordable techniques and create sweet works of art. Our courses are perfect for those who want to elevate their baking skills without breaking the bank.

Smart Cookie Club

Start your cookie decorating journey with our beginner-friendly training, designed to be easy to follow and leave you confident. Get started for just $7/month.

Sugar Cookie Recipe of the Month Club

Join our Sugar Cookie of the Month Club and receive a delicious new sugar cookie recipe delivered to your email every month.

Smart Cookie Collective

Get unlimited access to our entire library of cookie decorating courses, plus new monthly uploads and support materials to perfect your skills.

Cookie Baking Mastery Course

Master the art of baking perfect sugar cookies with our course, which covers common issues like swelling, puffing, and cracking in detail. This course previously sold for $37.

Image of affordable and budget-friendly cookie decorating classes featuring inexpensive techniques to create sweet works of art and affordable sweet treats

Year-Round Cookie Designs Course

With unlimited access to our comprehensive course materials, you can take your cookie decorating skills to the next level and create stunning designs for any occasion.

Donuts and Latte Cookie Decorating Course

Learn how to decorate a complete cookie set featuring donuts and lattes with our video course, which covers piping, flooding, and adding details.