Passionate Cookie Decorating Instructor and Business Coach for those ready to start making money with their hobby. 

Let me help you transform your passion into profits!

JoAnn Anthony
CEO & Founder of CakeWay Cookies

I’m passionate about teaching women how to unleash their creativity and create beautiful cookie designs. Whether you bake for a hobby or bake for a living, I can share so much value with you. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Hi! I started out as a little girl enjoying baking with my Grandmother. My grandmother LOVED baking. I grew up in southern Louisiana, my brother and I would get off the bus at my grandmother’s house and share our afternoons with her until my parents to get home from work. My grandmother always had some sort of homemade goodness prepared for us. It was our time to chat and connect; and it’s those simple moments that I miss sharing with her.
My story started when I partnered with a local bakery and was asked to teach cookie decorating. I had been decorating cookies and offering decorated cookies in my business already, so I took over their cookie decorating classes. I rejoiced because I finally found my fit, my passion, and my purpose.
After a few years of teaching cookie decorating, I started getting so many questions from my students that were moving on to starting their own home-based business. By this point, I had figured out a way to combine skill-building and business building.
I developed a step by step plan to build your skills, brand, and business that won’t leave you overwhelmed, frustrated, or with no time to do the things that are important to you — your family and your business.
Hi! I’m JoAnn Anthony, founder of JoJo’s Confections, LLC. I created Smart Cookie U and Creative Business Academy, specifically for confectionery artists who want to refine their craft and start an in-home business. I can show you how to make your home-based business work for you!

Thanks so much for visiting, JoAnn