Whooo doesn’t love a step by step back to school cookie decorating video? See inside for video…

The air outside is still quite humid. It’s a long Texas afternoon that winds lazily into the evening. It’s August and while there’s still quite a few dog days of summer left, we’re all gearing up for Back to School. 

My family and I spent the weekend immersed in all things back to school. Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and crayons, to name a few.  All of the things that excites me even more about cookie decorating. 

This week is literally the last week before we kick off our Fall into Decorating session of cookie decorating! So, if you’re not yet on my FaceBook page or on my mailing list then here are your first two lessons. 

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Now,  whooooooo’s ready for some cookie decorating? 

I have a special step by step Back to School Cookie Decorating Video for you that’s sure to get you excited about decorating!

I’ve attached the unedited version of the cookie decorating live session. I’ve also included speed controls if you like to watch the art literally come to life at double the speed.

And, if you want the cleaned-up version, be sure the be on the lookout on my YouTube channel. It’ll be up as soon as I can get my video editing hat on straight 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Back to School Decorating!





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