Daily Reasons to Decorate Cookies in January | An unorthodox daily calendar of daily holidays in January 2019

31 Unusual Reasons to Decorate Cookies in January

The holidays are over and the spirit of giving cookies to neighbors and loved ones are over; well not exactly! In fact, here are 31 reasons why cookie decorating is not just a thing for the holidays. Below you will find a list of 31 Weird and Unusual Reasons to Decorate Cookies in January.

Below is a list of normal, not-s0-normal, and downright unusual holidays that are so fun that you just can’t pass up. Design a set and post to social media in honor of these 31 Weird and Unusual Reasons to Decorate Cookies in January.

An unorthodox daily calendar of daily holidays in January 2019

January 1st through 5th

January 1st: Polar Bear Plunge Day – a popular New Years Day tradition in the US, Canada, UK, and the Netherlands. Celebrate Polar Bear Plunge Day by decorating a set of Polar Bear cookies with a frozen body of water.

January 2nd: “Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes” day – is an expression that signifies that January 2nd is a day of creativity. Use today as a day to try out new ideas, techniques, or anything new and see what sticks. Design a super fun and creative set of cookies today. Think out of the box and be as unique as possible.

January 3rd: Festival of Sleep Day – a day in which the origins are unknown. January third is a day to catch up on sleep now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed. Design a cozy bed cookie, pillow, blanket, or fluffy teddy bear.

January 4th: National Spaghetti Day – a day set aside to celebrate Spaghetti. The origins of this holiday are unknown. Design a round cookie with spaghetti noodles inside. Don’t forget the meatballs and parmesan!

January 5th : National Bird Day -a day set aside to recognize birds for birdwatchers. Celebrate by designing a unique bird cookie and posting to your social media accounts.

January 6th through 10th

January 6th: Bean Day – Bean day was started as a day simply to encourage people to eat more beans (started by a bean farmer). Celebrate by designing a bean cookie that sprouts, or a flower pot and a new sprout.

January 7th: Old Rock Day – A day set aside to acknowledge old rocks and fossils. Design a geode cookie in honor of Old Rock Day!

January 8th: Bubble Bath Day – A day set aside to honor bubble bath’s! Design a bathtub cookie with floating bubbles coming from the bathtub.

January 9th: National Take the Stairs Day – A day set aside to encourage exercising and choosing healthier alternatives. Design a workout inspired cookie!

January 10th: Houseplant Appreciation Day – According to HolidayInsights.com; this day is set aside to spruce up, replant, or give a living gift to your loved ones. Aside from being pretty, there are many health benefits to having houseplants. Make today special by gifting a set of cookies decorated with many of the beautiful vibrant green leaves on Houseplant Appreciation Day.

January 11th through 15th

January 11th: Morse Code Day – January 11th is the day that Morse code was demonstrated. Challenge yourself today by creating an amazing design on cookies using the power of dots and lines.

January 12th: National Pharmacist Day – A congressional declared National Holiday set aside to honor medical personnel and their role in healthcare. Surprise your favorite pharmacist on today with a set of pharmacy inspired cookies for the staff.

January 13th: Make your Dreams Come True Day. This day is my favorite! What goals have you set aside for yourself this year? What wish have you made on a falling star? Today is the day to make them happen, or figure out your actionable steps to achieve them. Design a galaxy inpired cookie today! 

January 14th: Dress up your pet day! You guessed it, a day to be as creative as possible with your pet. Make this day special by designing a cookie inspired by your pet’s favorite toy! 

January 15th: National Hat Day! Although this day wasn’t declared National by an act of Congress, it is set aside to acknowledge hat wearers. Design a hat inspired cookie!

January 16th: Appreciate a Dragon Day! Think that dragons don’t exist? Think again! There are modern day dragons all around us! Dragons in movies, books, fairy tales, and cookies! Design a dragon inspired cookie today!

January 16th through 20th

JJanuary 17th: Benjamin Franklin Day! Celebrated worldwide, this day honors one of America’s Founding Fathers. Design a 100 dollar bill cookie! This should be exciting!!!

January 18th: Thesaurus day honors the birthday of the author of the Thesaurus, Peter Roget. Make this day special by printing an entry from the thesaurus for a cookie term onto a cookie!

January 19th: National Popcorn Day, although not an actual National holiday. This day celebrates the yumminess of popcorn. Design a popcorn inspired cookie today!

January 20th: Penguin Awareness Day. These lovely creatures are so cute. Let’s design a penguin inspired cookie on today. Sketch and decorate a penguin cookie today!

January 21st through 25th

January 21st: Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday – Honors the birthday of one of our country’s most significant social activists. Make this day special by decorating cloud-shaped cookies with the words of one of his most famous speeches, “I Have A Dream.”

January 22nd: Hot Sauce Day! Today may be the hottest day of the year! In honor of Hot Sauce Day, decorate a spicy Habanero cookie today!

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January 23rd: National Pie Day. A day created by the National Pie Championships to celebrate pies. Create a pie inspired cookie on today in honor of this National holiday!

January 24th: Compliment Day. A day set aside to let others know how much we appreciate them. Do you have a favorite cookier that you enjoy watching and learning from. Take time out of your day to pay them a warm compliment! 

January 25th through 30th

January 25th: National Opposite Day. Opposites can be so different, like night and day. However, opposites do attract. In honor of this day, decorate a simple but ever so meaningful Yin Yang cookie.

January 26th: Spouses Day. A day set aside to show love and appreciation to your spouse. Decorate a heart-shaped cookie bouquet today to present to your spouse.

January 27th: Chocolate Cake Day. Take this day to indulge! Decorate a Chocolate Cake Inspired cookie today in honor of this day! 

January 28th: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! Really, it’s a thing! Apparently the day got it’s name from radio station workers opening a box of microphones wrapped in tons of bubble wrap over an open mic. Honor bubble wrap day by creating a cookie design using modeling chocolate dried over bubble wrap for a cool honeycomb effect. 

January 29th: National Puzzle Day. Honor this day be decorating a puzzle shaped cookie! Easy-peasy right!

January 30th: Croissant Day. Honor this unusual day by eating a croissant for breakfast and decorating a cookie in the shape of your favorite bread-based breakfast food. I’ll have a glazed doughnut please!

January 31st

January 31st: Backwards Day! Celebrate this day by deliberately doing things backward. Design a backward inspired cookie today by deliberately flooding outside of the cookie design and leave the inside design blank!

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31 Reasons to decorate cookies in January 2019 | https://thecakeway.com/31-unusual-reasons-to-decorate-cookies-in-january/
31 Reasons to decorate cookies in January 2019

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31 Reasons to decorate cookies in January 2019 | https://thecakeway.com/31-unusual-reasons-to-decorate-cookies-in-january/
31 Reasons to decorate cookies in January 2019


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