3 Ways to Write on Cookies

Three compelling methods to write on cookies. Inspiration is all around you and you’re finally ready to “kick it up a notch” with your cookie decorating. If so, you’re in the right place. 

Writing on cookies can be a pretty daunting experience but I hope that this post will help to shed some light onto it and make it not so much of a scary thing to do. 

You could be writing a simple name onto a cookie or a specialized message for a wedding or anniversary set. Either way you want the ording perfect. 

Some things to consider are; do you have the message that you are wanting to write onto the cookie selected?

Is the font the main feature of the message?

or are you just adding in minor details?

These three questions will make a big difference in the methods in that you use to write on cookies.

To help you choose which method to use to write on your cookies and be sure to download the 3 Ways to Write on Cookies Workbook

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    3 Ways to Write on Cookies

    1.Use an edible marker. The first and probably the easiest method for writing on cookies is to use an edible marker. These markers are made with food-grade ink and can be purchased with fine or thick points much like non-edible commercial pens or markers.  One of my favorite edible marker sets is by FoodDoodler. Here is the affiliate link for fine line edible markers.  Here is the affiliate link for regular edible markers in multiple colors.  

    2.  Tracing. Now think back to when you were in grade school and you wanted to draw a cute design. I particularly wasn’t great at drawing, so I would place a piece of paper over the original image and trace. This method is quite similar. In fact, if you can do that, you’re halfway there! You can trace the font onto a piece of parchment paper using an edible marker. Then once the image is on the parchment paper; layer the parchment paper on the top of the cookie positioned where you want the letters to appear and draw over the letters again using the edible marker.  Does this make sense? Trust me on this… seeing is definitely believing! Download the workbook for an example. 

    3. The last and easiest method to get perfect writing onto a cookie is to project an image of the font onto the cookie. One of the most popular projection tools on the market for cookiers is the Mini-Projector by Aaxa Technologies.  The projector works just as its name implies by projecting an image onto the cookie. This makes it so much easier to just trace the design directly onto the cookie. Imagine how much fun you can have playing with fonts for cookies!

    Get the 3 Ways to Write on Cookies workbook

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