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I help beginner cookie decorators, learn to decorate and perfect the art of decorating from the comfort of your own home, so that you can destress, be creative, bake and share your gifts with others. I truly believe that it is my mission to help women create and develop a love of decorating; that can then be transformed into a home-based business. Whether your goal is to start a business, or just to hone in on a love of decorating; you can do it. This is where you start!

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Learn the art of cookie decorating made easy with the Cookie Decorating Explained System. Master cookie decorating, even if you’ve never decorated a cookie before!

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Customer testimonials

  • JoAnn, You are very informative and patient. You explained instructions very clear. Thank you for this experience.

    Glenda A.
  • JoAnn was very helpful and nice! She didn’t make anyone feel bad for inexperience.

    Bonnie W.
  • Wow! My first online class and I love your teaching style. Thank you so much!

    Ana Z.
  • Thank you!! Good job and the information was very helpful

    Patsy C.
  • Thank you for the easy to follow step-by-step

    Carrie Perry
  • So appreciate your and your sharing

    Sher Follett